There's a plethora of news, articles and infographics out in the ether, all based around employee happiness and motivation and how businesses can leverage these in order to improve their own employee retention.

For all the information out there, it seems that actually, it's not rocket science. People quite obviously want to feel valued in their job and know that what they are contributing to their organisation is of importance and why. And why wouldn't they? 

Secondly, they want to know that they are being fairly rewarded for their efforts. Again - why wouldn't they? And if they aren't being - then they will be quicker to jump ship. Which makes pretty sound sense really and if, as a business, your salary and benefits packages aren't competitive in the marketplace then you need to address this. Pronto.

Thirdly - they want to work in a stimulating environment. Without getting into the detail of what provides such an environment (which alone seems to the subject of hundreds of posts/articles and ranges from the sublime to the frankly ridiculous. Yes, a slide in the middle of the office is a nice touch yet frankly completely unworkable for the majority of businesses!) we can all agree that having a nice environment to work in makes everyone's working life that little bit better.

This infographic nicely sums up what today's employees want from their employers. But surely it's only telling us what is actually just common sense...