A simple yet effective article, just the way we like it!

You'll find an array of businesses 'claiming' to offer a cost effective solution to Commercial Vehicle rental, the clue is in the sentence 'claiming'. 

Following years supporting the Commercial recruitment into Northgate's teams I think it's safe to say that I now live, breath and 'sleep talk' their business. The beauty being, that it's not just jargon!

In order to ensure passion about the business you are recruiting for, you simply have to know them, trust them & believe in them.

Through years of embedding myself into Northgate's teams, proposition & culture, my passion for them has grown day on day. Not only do they offer an array of simple reasons to work with them, there service is absolutely second to none with their clients. 

I'm certainly not aiming to be pushy but I suggest a quick read of the article attached following by a look at - http://www.northgatevehiclehire.co.uk/home

As it says on the tin-

Northgate Vehicle Hire 

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