Working in recruitment I hear endless reasons as to why candidates are looking to move on from their current employer and/or manager. When peeling back the layers and gaining understanding of how and why they are motivated to move, the typical responses include lack of progression, micromanagement, trust, lack of growth etc. What can employers and managers do about it?!?! Difficult question to answer.

When reading this article I found the responses regarding how you can motivate or make your employee go the extra mile, rather text book and somewhat stating the obvious. They included:

  • Change the role of the most motivated employee
  • Help Employees Build Relationships
  • Set clear goals for your team
  • Show employees why they matter
  • Give regular recognition

Admittedly I don't think it's the easiest task but looking at employers that struggle with retaining staff they have got to be asking why? Create an environment, set incentives and communicate openly with each employee - because everyone is different! We all have different motivations and goals but don’t forget we all also change our minds!