This is a massive topic in the automotive industry - the switch from NEDC testing to the new WLTP - but what impact is this having and what does it mean?

The tests were designed to measure fuel consumption, CO2 emission, pollutant & energy consumption for passenger cars. Let’s be honest, it’s probably about time for an update - these NEDC tests were designed in the 1980’s & were based on theoretical driving which has ultimately become massively outdated.

When you look at what car manufacturers claim to be a realistic MPG, in reality is it massively higher? Generally speaking, yes it is.

WLTP is now in force for all cars including hybrid & electric vehicles – It’s design has been based on real-driving data and better matches on-road performance.

Whilst speaking to a few people in my network within the leasing world, this seems to be impacting the supply of vehicles they’re receiving from the car manufacturers - Slowing down the production of cars therefore they are staying on-fleet for longer.

In the long run this is a positive change, through providing more transparency for customers, but inevitably there’ll no doubt be some short term challenges to overcome first.