Well, the August bank holiday weekend is over and we're all too well aware of when the next one will be...and with colder, darker days looming large, it's no wonder we're a bit depressed this week.

For lots of people, the time they take off over the summer gives them a chance to reflect on their current job/career and gives many people a bit of a kick to start doing something about it if they are less than happy. Some data analysis here today revealed that job applications for August are up by 149% on applications for July. September is traditionally one of the best months for recruitment campaigns as suddenly everyone has post holiday blues and wants a new opportunity! As the article below points out, wading through hundreds of emails (most of them completely pointless) and being handed back your work (which no one has bothered to look at while you away) is pretty demoralising. No wonder many folks are feeling a bit gloomy - bring back the sun, sea and sand!

But it's not all doom and gloom, if you're thinking seriously about chucking in the towel with your current employer, you've picked a great time to do it, with many more opportunities being advertised over the next few weeks as employers take advantage of the increase in available talent. So shake off your blues and get searching - a great new role could be just round the corner!