Naughty naughty. The study mentioned below shows that many applicants are telling porky pies about their academic achievements and professional qualifications. And many beleaguered HR departments are not checking the facts prior to hiring.

So what to do if you have an employee who you discover has been more than liberal with any aspect of their CV including omitting certain jobs/roles from their profiles or being somewhat vague about dates they were employed?

A rigorous recruitment process can help weed out any inconsistencies and if you're not entirely sure, place the onus on the candidate to prove their details are correct. Anyone telling the truth will have no problem providing evidence to back it up. And if this is met with evasion - then make sure you double check and reference them. Once you've taken them on you've already invested considerable expenditure in them and whilst you can terminate their contract, you'll be unlikely to recuperate any of these costs.