I must confess I was under the impression that a hippo was a large grey animal that resides in rivers in Africa, happily wallowing in mud and occasionally crunching on unwary tourists/passersby. However it transpires it's actually current management speak.

Apparently this Hippo - or rather the lack of it - is an acronym for how the highest paid persons opinion isn't any better than anyone else's in the room and this is being used in practice across the business below.

Which is a great idea. And one that we at PIE wholeheartedly believe in and try to put into practice (we just weren't aware it had an actual name).

And hippo jokes aside, it really is a good idea to promote in the workplace. If applied in the right fashion, it's a great way of levelling your staff hierarchies and getting the most out of them all in terms of ideas and input - and it's great to see ideas like this being engendered in businesses which are eager to bring everyone's contributions to the table. There is no way that your boss or senior management team are always right...it's just hard to tell them that sometimes! Perhaps, if you were all equally highly paid, it might be easier?? But that's probably a subject for another day...