In my opinion,it all started with Tesco. Then came the Football World Cup, then the Rugby World Cup, next came Brexit, then Trump.  It's been a turbulent few years for everyone, especially us as consumers - can we rely on anyone anymore?

However, the ones who started this mess ( i.e. Tesco) seem to be sorting things out. 

With costs rising for consumers as a result of market volatility and increased import costs, Tesco's Dave Lewis has developed a very clear and ingenious marketing strategy of taking the Tesco business back to the consumer. 

The well documented deflecting of price hikes from manufacturers, driving growth through collaboration rather than conflict and longer term supplier agreements can only bode well for us as consumers.  Tesco are positioning themselves as the defender of consumer's pockets, the unlikely Robin Hood of the retailer world. 

The trading rule book has been rewritten, Tesco have redefined their values and objectives both externally and internally to represent and be true to their customer's needs. 

In FMCG the sector is so saturated with mixed messages and battling retailers, uncertainty is created for consumers.   The rules of engagement are skewed and ultimately get abused which culminates in us - the consumer - paying for the privilege. 

Tesco haven't torn up the proverbial rule book but significantly changed the content and simplified things. Consumers need to feel safe and looked after...well done. This is exactly what they are doing, instilling confidence and as a consumer this can only be a good thing. 

Will this continue to turn shoppers back to the big blue stores?  Who knows, but one thing is for certain, this is a development that could reignite the FMCG market.

Lets hope Football, Rugby, Europe and  the US take Tesco's lead and iron themselves out too...if he carries on like this, we'll have Dave Lewis as President, England Team Manager and general Saviour!