Oh boy. Here we are again. An office full of people who are currently on a health food kick / diet /  exercise kick / alcohol free month / giving up smoking. The air is thick with resolve...how can we possibly maintain this under the weight of expectation that this year will be the year we manage to reinvent ourselves?

Naturally, we won't. Or, at least, not in the majority of cases...there's always one who possesses the necessary stubbornness to succeed. The rest of us will fall by the wayside during the course of January, bemoaning the sad fates that await us for the rest of the year and kicking ourselves for our lack of willpower. In fact, just pass me the vodka now and let's get it over with.

Why are we so obsessed with a new start in January? And so quick to give up completely on our reinvention? The key to some of our mistakes is contained in this article, we need to start small rather than giving ourselves impossible goals. And celebrate success! If you've managed a week off the booze, treat yourself to something nice (but not a drink...)

So whilst it's lovely to see everyone so fired up and motivated after the break, I'm not convinced it will last. After all, the reason we're in this boat is because it didn't last year!