It's a teeny, tiny word that's fraught with all sorts of difficulties and connotations. No. N.o. Nooooo.

We've all been there - it's been frantic all day, you're maxed out with stuff that needs finishing as deadlines are looming, you have no chance whatsoever of making it home in time to say goodnight to your kids (or to watch Emmerdale!) - and you're suddenly asked to drop everything in order to do something you know for a FACT that your colleague / Boss has had months to complete and hasn't done a darn thing about it.

So what do you do?

Many of us will drop all of the above, smile sweetly and say 'Yes'. Myself included (even when I want to stamp on their toes and extract their fingernails with tweezers. Sorry...).

But is that really the best and most productive outcome? Could saying 'No' - in the right way - be a better option?

Here's a great infographic from Business Backer which looks at how you can say no effectively and without dropping an atom bomb on your career!

Just say 'No' folks...