It's a pet subject of mine and one I've written about before but here is some actual factual proof (well kind of, it's a survey anyhow) that recruiters take less of a break at lunch time than other professions.

Which raises the question, "Why?" 

The survey notes that some reasons cited by employees included lack of options of anywhere to go, peer pressure from other colleagues and not wanting to make a poor impression with their boss.

People! For goodness sake! Get up and out!!

Take a break and get revitalised for the afternoon. Nothing will impress your boss more than being completely brilliant at your job all afternoon because you took the opportunity to refocus and recharge your batteries for an hour.

Many experts believe it's almost impossible to stay focused and motivated at your desk from morning till evening. Taking a break has been proven (yes, proven!) to boost productivity and morale - and you're even getting paid for it. What's not to like?

So go on folks - including you desk chained recruitment bods - get out there and spend some time in the world outside the office. You can't love spending time with your colleagues that much!