We have all done it. Put in the extra hours. Sat on your high horse because you are the hardest working employee at your company. Made a point of announcing how much extra grafting you have done this week so that your boss knows how amazing, hardworking and committed you are. Or do they? What does your boss really think?

I found this article quite insightful as to what doing more hours can mean, as I feel there are two sides to this.

In some businesses, staying late and putting in the extra hours is expected. It shows you're committed and is a way of climbing the ladder. Managers and Senior members of staff may look at this as dedication, so that when a promotion comes along, they will think of “stay late Sally” who will always put in the extra hours to make sure she gets the job done, over “leave on the dot Steve”.

However, is “stay late Sally” really committed or actually slacking? As the flip side is that whilst Sally appears to be dedicated to the cause and gets the job done, “leave on the dot Steve” may be better at managing his time which is why he leaves on the dot each day!

Apparently, a survey on 2000 Britons between the ages of 18-65, found that we can rack up 9024 hours of unpaid overtime! But why? Have a read through and see how your overtime can be perceived.