Don't worry, this is a neutral post.

Very touchy subject. One that has torn colleagues, friends and even families apart. People are very passionate about this and many voice their opinions, much to the dismay of others. I know from personal experience when I once shared my thoughts that it went down like a lead balloon. Which begs the question, should we be allowed to talk politics in the workplace?

I quite enjoy a chat about the general election as I tend to learn something I didn’t already know, I get to know what people value and I get to hear others opinions – even if they are wrong (joking!).

I feel that there are a few types of people when it comes to the subject:

  • The preachers – the more “forceful” opinion sharers. You know the ones.
  • The self-confessed uneducated – the ones that don’t pretend to be experts but are happy to share their thoughts
  • The non-voters
  • And the influenced – “I’m voting for them because everyone else is”

Either way I think that this article is an eye opener about how many people are happy to discuss this subject at work, as I know many who point blank refuse to divulge their views.

Happy voting!