I chanced across the below article this morning and it made me laugh out loud.

In essence, there are actual classes where you can pay to get some sleep. Yes, seriously. Napercise. An environment dedicated to napping.

Where can I sign up?

Oh, hang on a moment. I could just go to bed...

And that, it seems, is wherein the problem lies. People simply aren't getting enough sleep in their home lives and the constant fatigue is affecting them from both a professional and mental/physical perspective.

Why do we find it so hard to switch off and actually sleep at night?

It's long been accepted that our lives are increasingly busy. I'm a working Mum and my evenings are spent doing homework, running kids to their own social events, making packed lunches and trying to keep up with the admin of running my household. Oh, and I actually quite like having a social life as well. Not much of one, but I still enjoy it. Add into this early starts to get kids to before school clubs, so I can battle the morning commute and it means that I don't actually get as much sleep as I like. Or need. And, there's often nights when you might be in bed with the best of sleep intentions but you find you can't relax, work might be playing on your mind or other issues are keeping you awake.

So although the idea of a dedicated resource in the form of a sleeping exercise class made me laugh, I can kind of see the point.

Unfortunately though, I don't have time to take this class.