Being involved in recruiting across the automotive sector, I am seeing more and more focus from manufacturers on electric vehicles and it’s something that’s coming up more frequently in conversations with candidates as well. Having read this article and done some further research, it’s clear that the industry is moving away from traditional fuelling options and shifting towards green technologies.

When the likes of Tesla came to market and BMW launched their i3 & i8 models, the initial perception was that these futuristic electric cars were only going to be aimed at the premium end of the market, but the investment of billions of pounds from the VW Group, Ford and many of the other manufacturers mean this will be hitting the mainstream and become accessible to pretty much everyone!

In turn, charging infrastructure is going to increase massively because when we are being pitched a VW Golf GTE or a BMW 330E later this year by your local car dealer, you will want to know where you can charge your car!

We’re now starting to operate heavily within this area and I personally feel that this is going to be a really interesting sector of the industry and something that will be great to get involved with - especially as it’s still in its emergence! The next big thing?