The world is going digital, it’s a fact, but when I read this article, I was surprised at the thought of resume’s becoming your Snapchat story.

For those that don’t know Snapchat, it’s an app based, visual platform to temporarily share photos and videos with friends and followers. You can see them for a short period of time and then they are gone… forever!

To give you some statistics 60% of users are under 25 and on any given day 41% of 18-34 year olds use the app (globally).

Whilst I think it would be difficult to Snap your resume, I do think that businesses may benefit from Snapping. I mean if you were a business, trying to attract a younger demographic and grow your brand, Snapping a “typical day in the life” to your followers, would be a great way to advertise your brand and attract potential candidates.

A success story for Snapchat advertising is FOX. FOX used Snapchat to advertise the show Empire and the campaign reached 27 million Snapchatters. Empire was the most watched show on its premiere night and went to the top spot for the 18 – 49 year olds demographic coveted by TV advertisers.

So would I use Snapchat to check out a new employer? I am in the 25-30 category, and I think I would. I would like to see what my potential colleagues are like, what the working environment and culture is, and what I can expect walking into my new job/career.

It's free and not a lot of businesses in the UK are really using it at the moment, so there is less competition. It could give you the edge!

So stop sending selfies (well not completely) and start marketing yourself and your brand! #Edgy