Over the past eight weeks I have been amazed by the number of candidates that have registered with myself and the automotive team here that would prefer to hear about opportunities with automotive start-ups rather than the big corporates that operate in our market.

Typically, I find that our start up clients are more social, driven by values and they provide staff with benefits they care about in comparison to the corporates. Flexible working hours, relaxed dress code and unlimited holiday allowance are just a few benefits I have stumbled across with start-up clients of ours recently.

As much as the above is important, it is also the excitement of the unknown as who knows where the journey will end up?

At PIE, our network spans across exciting, well-funded start-ups through to some of the leading organisations in the market and I can certainly see pros and cons to both career options.

I personally believe that over the coming years, corporates will learn and will adapt their approach to compete with the start-ups in the market. They will learn how to embrace things like co-working, this will be driven through a mixture of internal desire and external pressure from staff and competitors.

Ultimately (as is said by many people far smarter than me!) go where your passion lies and the rest will follow. The reality is that each company is different and eventually you work for a company, not a category like start-ups or corporate businesses.