I am sure that almost everyone has seen the recent news surrounding the electric vehicle revolution, whether it was the Queen’s speech announcing the requirement for charging points at service and fuel stations, or Volvo announcing that they will only be manufacturing hybrid or electric vehicle from 2019.

So are we ready for the change?

This article outlines the fact that even though sales of electric vehicles are at a record high, three quarters of UK drivers think that electric vehicles are only for short journeys and could be an inconvenience. This couldn’t be further from the truth, taking into account that the average commute is less than 15 miles and the range capabilities of electric vehicles are growing all the time. A lot of the new models are able to offer more than 150 miles on a single charge and some are doing more than 300 miles! I struggle to see how this can be inconvenient, even if you were only able to charge your car at home.

The more I read about electric vehicles, the more I buy into the idea of the change. Clearly the charging infrastructure needs to develop but actually, how often would you need to charge your car away from home or at work? In fact, those painful queues at the petrol station could eventually become a thing of the past! Plugging your car in when you pull into your drive will eventually be the norm!