The National Grid has warned that if you are using a high speed charger at home you won’t be able to boil your kettle without blowing your fuse box!!!

Slightly worry thought considering the obvious changes taking place within the industry and the amount of financial backing this concept is getting from the government.

There is a BUT…

This article is clearly outlining a negative view on the support the government is giving to car drivers both personal and business as without the energy/power providers developing the infrastructure to support this by using term such “bribed with tax breaks” or “National Grid assumes”.

I can’t help but think that the multi-billion pound organisations that are manufacturing the vehicles, such as VW, Ford, BMW, Mercedes or basically every automotive OEM, that are investing billions of pound themselves have thought or planned alongside both the energy providers and charging infrastructure providers before getting behind this

There is always going to be negative views on any change, and rightly so.

But, us all converting to electric vehicles appears to be inevitable in the future. I agree that infrastructure needs to improve, along with the range of the battery life on vehicles, but who would have thought 25 years ago we would be sending emails, connecting to the internet wirelessly or using your mobile phone to check the weather, do your banking and pay for your coffee???