Firstly, Happy National Beer Lovers Day! Any excuse... 

So summer is over! Those pub garden afternoons are nearly coming to an end with earlier sunsets setting in and a noticeable chill when having a swift one after work, (which is fine to keep your beer cold, because you wouldn’t want a warm beer would you?)

So what’s your favourite? Carlsberg? Fosters? Amstel?

This article from the Grocer, about Britain’s favorite beers, certainly got our FMCG team talking!

We have a few connoisseurs in the team with regards to beer…and alcohol in general really. But we all reckoned we could guess at the very least, the top ten Beers in the UK!

But none of us got them all right!

Shocking isn’t it?

You think you know all of the brands but I think this will test you!

Fancy having a go or testing your colleagues? Have a look at the below. Good Luck!

...and they are!

1 Stella Artois   

2 Smirnoff          

3 Fosters

4 Budweiser      

5 Carling              

6 Hardys

7 Strongbow     

8 Jack Daniels   

9 Gordons

10 Grouse          

11 Carlsberg      

12 Echo Falls

13 Blossom Hill 

14 Glen’s            

15 Bells

16 Kopparberg 

17 Kronenbourg              

18 Mcguigan

19 Corona          

20 Barefoot