The thought of coming back to work having had a week or two away is always a daunting task and I can confidently say no one looks forward to that first day back!

Slight role reverse here, if you work in recruitment we’re just about coming into one of the busiest time of year, & I‘m about to leave the office for two weeks on my honeymoon! I must admit I can’t wait for the trip but I am however already thinking about how quickly I am going to have to get back into action when I’m back.

Planning ahead is the key. (which I admit isn’t one of my strongest assets)

Ensuring that I have left a detailed enough handover for my colleagues to keep my desk alive is going to be important.

Thinking about it and to prove my point, if planning ahead was one of my strengths I probably wouldn’t have booked the trip at this time of year! It has been a busy quarter for me, reasonably successful but conscious that a couple of weeks away it can all change and I could come back to tumble weed rolling across my desk!

This all sounds very unappreciative and I know my new wife can’t wait to get away – she is going to get to spend two whole weeks with me, lucky girl!

I think being aware and planning for when I get back is going to key to hitting the ground running again.

Wish me luck!