Dairy Milk right? Wrong.

So who are the big players? Galaxy, Mars, Maltesers, Smarties, Twirl, Kinder Bueno, Boost…anyone else craving Chocolate?

We all have our favourite but what does your favourite say about you?

In a survey, carried out by the Daily Mail, we can see the results as follows:

18-24 year old Women said their top 5 are Galaxy, Dairy Milk, Mars, Kitkat and Twirl


18-24 year old Men, who said their top 5 are Mars, Dairy Milk, Twix, Galaxy and Snickers.

Wispa and Double Decker feature in the top 5 for Men and Women that sit in the 35-44 category knocking off KitKat, Twirl, and Snickers.

But it’s the 65+ category that is really shocking, with Bounty making the ranks! 

Yes! Bounty! 

The one that EVERYONE avoids in the Celebrations tin at Christmas!

I can forgive the Bounty due to Crunchie featuring in the top five for Women.

So who triumphs! Who are the UK’s top 5? The results are in…