So, I was in Notcuts at the weekend getting a nice big breakfast (due to one too many gins the night before) and also to have a look around, and I couldn’t quite believe what I saw.

As I turned the corner…

I entered…

Santa’s grotto!

The shock, glee and despair that spread across the faces of my fellow shoppers.

Christmas decorations! Already! Its only October!

But I am not an early Christmas hater, I am an appreciator! And I CANNOT WAIT to start the festive build up.

So many great things come with the wonderful season. Mulled wine, cold nights, red wine, sparkly decorations, baileys, Christmas parties, did I mention Wine?

But one of the best things about Christmas, I think, is…


I love them!!! I look forward to them every year! They are DEFINITELY an example of marketing done well!

I saw this article where you can vote for your favorite advert and what a selection to choose from. Plus you can watch them. ALL!!! Maybe turn down the volume as your colleagues may not appreciate it.

But seriously, John Lewis lead the way in marketing with their adverts. They even have a premier date, with millions tuning in to the first viewing!

So I’m on the countdown! It normally airs in the second week of November and also its less than 3 months till Christmas 😊

#HOHOHO #Bahhumbug