It's Christmas. Again.

Well, not yet, but look what came out - DreamToys 2017 list of the Top 12 most sought-after toys this year. Prepare to dig deep...

Stretch Armstrong is back! I will be steering my kids towards this one - great memories. And debuting the list are Fingerlings. Yep, you heard me. They really are things that just hang off your fingers and are slightly animated. They serve no other purpose.

But the toy that’s going to really get you is the Fur-Real Tiger. Check it out on YouTube and then start breaking into the holiday c£94 this isn't a cheap option I'm afraid.

From an industry point of view, it’s interesting to see that Lego, the No. 1 toy brand here in the UK, only has one product in the top 12. Hasbro is in the lead this year with 3 products on the list, including, not surprisingly, the latest addition to the Nerf family.

Do you remember the big games last year, Pie Face and Speak Out? They went viral. Consumers were videoing themselves and putting the results all over social media. That was Hasbro. And following their success from last year, they have brought out a sequel – Pie Face Showdown and Toilet Trouble…I can only guess...

Personally, I cannot wait for the arguments over Trivial Pursuit (Hasbro again) and the pure, simple, thrill and suspense of Pie Face this Christmas, but make sure you get them quickly. The Top 12 are selling out fast, so if your children are already planning their letters to Father Christmas, you might be wise to get on it early! The links to buy are in the article below BTW).

Happy nearly Christmas.