Its nearly the festive season. The season to be merry, the season to be bright… and the season to give our livers a good kick-in (for some).

So, when you’re at your local, or at your Christmas party ordering you 2nd (ahem 8th) pint of the evening, chances are you aren’t thinking about how it is made and what effects that it has on the environment… or maybe you do. I speak only for myself.

However, I do think a giant Polar Bear serving me my beer could make me look and think twice.

In a bid to get people thinking about the environment, BrewDog are serving their Beer from this giant model of a Polar Bear – great idea! Very BrewDog I feel.

With consumers spending an extra £345m on Alcohol this year, in this busy and extremely competitive market, brands need to stand out and keep up with the trends.

I think we can all agree that BrewDog is up there on the trendy side of things and with their punky image and alternative bars but saving the world is also cool and this genius idea brings it all together.

I will raise a few or many beers this Christmas and whilst I am drinking my ice-cold beer, I will think about how I am saving the world, one beer at a time.

But if you want to do more than just drink beer, BrewDog have other ways you can help the environment on their make earth great again blog -