It's a busy time of year in the job seeking market, pretty much the busiest actually. 

Everyone has had a little time out over the festive period, had the 'fear' of going back and by about 11 am on the first day back in the office, job applications are starting to flood in. Whilst it's great news for us as recruiters, the applications and interview process are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting a new hire properly on-boarded.

This article has some great tips for getting new employees embedded in your business - although some are really obvious, such as making sure IT is all set up and ready, you'd be amazed at how often this relatively simple task is overlooked.

An onboarding template with all the tasks that need completing both in advance and during their induction period is another great idea, I make use of one personally and it's a great aid to make sure I don't forget anything.

My favourite - although it's not on the list provided in the article - is to make sure that you invite your new hire out with the team in advance of them starting, so that when they walk in on day 1, they aren't completely at a loss and will already know some names and faces - this is the kind of stuff that counts when making sure people are comfortable within your organisation. 

Equally, they might decide to run a mile after spending some time with you and your team outside the office - best you know this now rather than a month down the line when further investment has been made in them!

So once the madness of the interview process seems to have come to an end, make sure you're investing just as much time in onboarding your shiny new person. They - and you - will reap the rewards.