The G+T. An English classic! Tasty, refreshing, a low calorie drinking option. Its in its own league. Or is it?

Being a Gin drinker myself I cannot image replacing my weekly (or sometimes daily) G+T with Rum! But Rum is becoming more popular. In this article it explains how much Rum sales are increasing in the UK.

I always get excited walking down the spirit isles to see what new Gins are out, what cool new distilleries there are and what will be my new tipple for the next month… I cannot say that I look at the Rums however it seems that its now worth a look with around 100 new brands out in the last year.

Some new Rums to the market that look quite interesting are:

  • Bombo 40 Rum Caramel & Coconut
  • The Duppy Share Caribbean Rum
  • Wood’s 100 Navy Rum

They all have a crafty feel. With the market moving towards craft, flavour and variety Gin needs a worthy rival to compete against and with Rum featuring in some of the UK’s favourite cocktails such as Mojito, Daiquiri, Pina Colada it seems this pirate tipple could take the crown.

Personally, I won’t be moving across to Rum any time soon as I have recently brought a very nice Rhubarb Gin but it’s something I will be trying to see what all the fuss is about.

For all those doing dry Jan, roll on Feb!