Keeping your employees happy, healthy and motivated should be one of the principal areas of focus for any business.

Whilst a ping pong table (or a dartboard or a ball pit or a slide) is a nice to have, it will undoubtedly be a fad. Used for a few weeks and then fading into obscurity (I remember the giant Scalectrix we had at a previous business, ending up thick with dust). These things can be a nice touch but are frankly completely unworkable for the majority of businesses. The take home from this article is in striking a balance and providing a pleasant working environment without going to extremes and creating a playground. With a beer fridge.

There are many smaller, easy to implement measures we can look at to ensure we're offering an attractive working proposition where staff feel valued, motivated and happy. Flexible working - whether that be telecommuting, core hours or flexitime - is a major factor for many employees who have a variety of needs to juggle inside and outside the workplace. Employee benefits - incentives, voucher schemes, insurance -  play a part (and can be implemented very cheaply) as does a positive workplace culture in terms of open management and encouraging feedback from staff on company policies and initiatives.

The overall message is coming back from the floor is clear - treat your staff like grown-ups and that will go a long way towards solving retention issues. Easy peasy.