has released a list of the 15 most annoying office buzzwords and there's some absolute shockers on there.

Some of them I've heard being bandied around in the PIE office (yes guys, you know who you are) - but there are some on here that are frankly a complete mystery. Who would demand anyone 'open the kimono' or 'boil the ocean'? What fresh madness is this?

In case (like me) you were wondering, 'opening the kimono' refers to asking someone to reveal information and 'boiling the ocean' means to waste time on a meaningless task. Check out the article from Executive Grapevine below which reveals a number of other complete horrors.

And, by the way, punching the puppy means doing something unpleasant that will nonetheless be good for business. I am simultaneously relieved (for the puppy) and horrified (that people actually say this). Perhaps we should all do some 'blue sky thinking' about how we can rid the workplace of this crap...