So I am now nearly a month into my new role at PIE having jumped ship from the Corporate Confectionery world into the roller coaster that is recruitment. I am now settled with a hugely helpful and encouraging team around me to help me learn the ropes (#teamcheese) - But it has to be said, the day before I started here at PIE... I was s***ing myself. 

I am a self confessed confident guy but the idea of starting a new role in a completely new industry that has notoriously bad press worried me slightly. I remember the day I started well - I had little sleep, set 20 different alarms (although they weren't needed anyway), had 3 coffee's and 2 showers and then I was ready to go. I pulled up outside the office and entered the building with a mixture of feelings racing round my body - worry, stress and excitement. 

I'm sure you've all had that feeling and can relate with me on this one. You don't know how to dress, how the office works, if people will like you or if you will actually get on with the role. All of these questions ran through my head the night before, morning of and during day one. However, with the right team around you all of the worry and stress slowly disappears and all you're left with is a feeling of excitement and desire to succeed.  

I read this article the week after I joined the business and I wish I had given it a read the night before as it may have helped me. But come on, if you don't have these feelings the night before a new job... Are you really human?

If you're starting a new job soon and are in the same boat I was (which I'm sure you are)  I would say stop and think about these 5 things before entering the office on Day One:

1. Relax

2. Remember why you are there.

3. Trust the process - All the training will pay off! 

4. See your colleagues as people too - they will welcome you with open arms. 

5. Normalise New - New is scary but embrace it. 

There's no doubt the world of recruitment is challenging but with the team I have around me here, I know that I can make it a success and help make dreams happen - exactly the reason I wanted to do this in the first place.

Team PIE!