What do you drive and why do you drive it?

I drive a Mini. Why? Because its nice, it looks good and it's bloody fun to drive!

Don’t get me wrong, when I'm stuck in traffic and crawling on the M25 then admittedly it's less fun. But would something like that make me want to give up the Mini altogether?

I stumbled across this article about the timeline on autonomous vehicles and whilst the picture of this futuristic looking vehicle sparked an interest, I thought… Would I want to stop driving all together? The answer - no!

Don’t get me wrong, there could be a few occasions when an autonomous vehicle would come in handy. For example; when I have a deadline to meet at work and I need to get something done and the only time that I could utilise would be on the way to work, or on a long drive to Birmingham – a very long drive! But then again, I think I would miss the task of driving!

So that got me thinking. Am I the only one not wholly embracing this technology?

I mean, if it didn’t bother you why would you buy an Audi, Maserati or for the Flash Harry’s - a Ferrari? You wouldn’t! You would get a Honda Jazz or a Fiesta and save your cash!

So will you give up your automobile, bat car, passion wagon, speed machine? I don’t think I will be!