The Royal Wedding has been and gone and what a wonderful occasion it was. The sun was shining, Harry looked amazing, the crowds were brilliant, Meghan looked incredible and the day seemed to run smoothly. And did anyone see David Beckham?! WOW!!!

Anyway, the excitement and build up was great. Everyone was talking about it and so many people traveled from far and wide to be there for the special day. The celebrity line up was very impressive with Elton, The Clooney’s, James Corden, the beautiful Beckham’s, The Suits cast and Idris Elba (who was apparently DJ’ing at the reception – can he do mine?) But the big question of the weekend was which was the most popular event…the Royal Wedding or the FA Cup final?

I think Gary Lineker made his view very clear on Twitter and I know my thoughts on it but what did you tune into?

I think it’s obvious but take a read of the below article which compares the UK ratings of the FA cup final to the AMAZING Royal Wedding and to the other Royal weddings that have taken place in recent years.

Either way, that's an awful lot of people watching television!