So…last night saw the end of my social life for the next three months. That’s right, I got sucked in to one of TV’s biggest and most talked about shows. I’ve seen bare breasts, I’ve heard rude comments-a-plenty and there was even a dwarf. You guessed it, I began my Game Of Thrones Journey.

Wait, did you think I was talking about Love Island?!

You’re either all over this millennial dating show, or you’re not. I’m absolutely in the latter camp; I’m already bored hearing about what Cazza Flack was wearing, how Dani Dyer speaks, or how Laura had never seen a man cream himself.

That said, you have to applaud the production companies for finding fresh new talent through a dynamic approach.

Now, I’m not suggesting that all the staff here at PIE should download the latest dating app to find candidates for the roles we’re recruiting but I can see the logic in using social media and various social platforms; in a world saturated with bedroom recruiters where we find it harder to leave our desks but always have access to our social media, surely sliding into someone’s DM’s with the prospect of a new job is only going to catch a potential candidate’s attention? 

And if you’re leaving your profile unlocked, with your details easily accessible to me in the public domain, is it not deemed acceptable for me to call you?