So I've been thinking...

  1. I don’t need to think about going electric for a while.
  2. When I do, its going to be cheaper than my Mini. Right?

Apparently, I'm wrong on both!

We're all talking electric vehicles these days, but how quickly is this going to happen? Well, by 2030 the world’s largest leasing company LeasePlan is committing to a 0 emission fleet - which is HUGE. 

So, do I need to start thinking about getting an electric vehicle yet? I think so! It's just the idea of having to charge it. What if I forget? Will it go flat? Are there going to be enough charging points...? It’s all too much!

And on top of the range anxiety, apparently its going to cost me more to own one! Yes I’m helping the environment and that's great, but seriously, on average having an electric vehicle could cost me £181 more per month! (tongue in cheek here guys).

So, I’m off to buy an i3. For more information on costs, have a read of the article below. It gives a really clear breakdown of the likely costs going from Petrol/Diesel to Electric. Happy reading!