It's an exciting week. The weather's been good, England won their first game in the world cup and best of all, it's bring your dog to work day on Friday. My little Larry is going to be entering the wonderful world of recruitment here at PIE.

You may have seen Larry in our world cup ‘PIE Predictor’ videos. If not, you can check them out on our PIE LinkedIn page. A different pet is predicting the outcome of a game each day - with a mixture of results...

So why bring your dog to work?

Employee welfare remains a hotly debated issue and “bring your pets to work” day is an idea which lots of companies have adopted as a measure to boost employee motivation. Research has shown that bringing pets to work can boost morale, employee loyalty and the attraction of millennials to your business.

PIE is getting involved this year and we're a little nervous. Below is an article from Helen King, Non-Executive Director at Vanarama which gives an insight into how their ‘bring your dog to work’ day went. (Clue: the word chaotic was used!)

We'll keep you posted about how we get on here on Friday - unless it goes really badly -  in which case we won’t say too much about it and will stick to getting our pets involved from the safety of our own homes.