Ever lost your temper at work? Vented at your boss? Shouted at your colleagues? Kicked the photocopier in frustration?

If so, it would seem you aren't alone. A recent survey in the US found that over half of employees have had instances of the above - that's a lot of angry people.

So why are so many people unhappy enough to let rip at work? The survey references daily news reading and FOMO from social media as concerns - combine that with increasingly work-centric lifestyles, pressures of family life, wages which for many workers are decreasing in real terms and the expectation (and subsequent disappointment) that we are entitled to shiny happy lives like those of the celebrity culture we seem obsessed with.

Whatever the reasons behind it, anger is unlikely to be caused by just one issue, there's usually a whole melting pot of emotions at play - but expressing this anger at work is unlikely to land you a payrise or a promotion.

So, before you decide to thump your boss take a read of the advice below for calming down, chilling out and saving your career from self destruction!