FMCG giant Procter & Gamble caused some controversy when their ad 'The Talk' was aired last July. 

The advert confronts racism head on and the need for African - American Parents to talk to their children about racism they may receive in life. 

From a company that is best known for selling soap this is a fantastic piece of advertising and has definitely ruffled a few feathers. The advert has sparked considerable debate on social media - some positive and some negative - however it has got people talking which is what the advert was created to do. 

'The Talk' ad enables people to have conversations about bias and when you have conversations and promote dialogue that promotes understanding. This is vital as we still see so much of this negativity in the world and this may help people at least talk about it. 

What I like about this is that P&G have not backed down when confronted and have stood by the decision to create the ad and will continue to create more based on similar subjects. So watch this space for more in the future... 

Lets all talk about 'The Talk'. So we can end the need to have it in the first place.