If you're a Craft Beer lover like myself, then you may already be aware of the brilliant brand called Toast Ale that's taken the market by storm. However, they have a rival to contend with. 

Iceland has this week announced that they are also launching their own brand of beer - made from leftover bread of all things! 

In 2015, 7.3 tonnes of food worth £13bn was wasted and Iceland want to do something about it.

The beer is being made by a small brewery called Tiny Rebel - they've been developing this beer for 6 months using surplus bread from Local Iceland Stores and the supermarkets Welsh Bread Supplier.

Iceland are hoping to make use of three tonnes of its unsold bread with this new drink over the next year, as well as donating 10p from every beer sold to Surfers Against Sewage in an attempt to keep our UK beaches clean. 

I think it's time a take a trip to the shops and make a TOAST to Iceland on taking some action. Cheers!