Shining Monday. I like it. All Monday's should be shiny.

In case you're wondering what the hell it means, it's part of a new Japanese initiative to make Monday's better for the workforce and improve work life balance. On the first Monday of every month, staff can have a lie in (or whatever they want to do with their morning) and don't have to get to work until after lunch.

I'm a BIG fan of this idea. I'm sure many people out there are all too well aware of the Sunday 'fear' - that pervasive dread of returning to work on Monday. Whilst this won't alleviate that, it just makes the whole process that bit more bearable. Once a month anyway.

And it goes hand in hand with Premium Friday (another Japanese concept I was completely unaware of but I'm LOVING the idea) where you can clock off early on the last Friday of the month as well - so the two concepts basically mean a nice long(ish) weekend every month.

What's not to like?

Could this work in practice in the UK? What do you think?