I have said this a million times, so it may be getting a little boring, but the Automotive industry is an exciting place to be at the moment. And when I was checking out the nominees for the green fleet awards, a category that will pique interest is the Industry Innovation award.

With exciting players such as Arrival and Electra Commercial Vehicles this will be an interesting one.

You will have seen Arrival about in the market, with Royal Mail and DHL trialing the all-electric CV’s at the moment, but Electra is a business you have perhaps heard of but don’t know a lot about.

Electra, partners of NRG fleet is a manufacturer of all-electric refuse vehicles. With trials with the likes of the City of London - who collect around 1500 tonnes of household waste and over 850 tonnes of recycling a year - an all-electric solution would make a huge difference. Electra is solving problems for the transport managers and vehicle operators by tackling the issues of noise and exhaust emissions. I think we are all grateful to Electra for trying to make them quieter!

Best of luck to all the finalists tonight!