I think we can all agree that no one likes a cold call. Why? Because we don't like being sold to.

In an industry like recruitment where there are thousands upon thousands of agencies out there, it's hard to differentiate yourself from your competition when you're calling a new business.

Here at PIE, we've been thinking of 'creative' ways to make our approach slightly different. How you ask? Now that would be telling! But this got me thinking...what weird and wonderful ways are there to get the attention of a prospect?

I've spoken to people who have literally sent a bag of nuts to their prospect with a message inside saying 'you're a tough one to crack' (quite a risk to take as you could quickly kill your chances if they have an allergy!). I saw a LinkedIn post which was a picture of a tea bag insisting that a prospect give him a meeting & he'll even bring his own tea bag - a personal fave. 

Then there's the most common go to. The freebies. If you're going to supply an office with ice creams on a hot day, then you're going to be very popular and remembered for sure. And one of the best methods, which I have personally used, was writing a blog about a business that I had been prospecting - which worked wonders.

I'd love to hear some of the best (or worst) ways that you've managed to get a business's attention or how someone has won you over with a different approach. 

Don't hold back :-)