It's no secret that the company car benefit is becoming less attractive to an employee compared to what it used to be. With lots of external factors like the B word, WLTP, tax and fleet policies becoming more and more strict, it's not surprising that PCH is on the rise. 

So where does that leave the leasing companies? It seems ALD Automotive may have the answer. 

ALD Automotive have just launched a brand new product called 'ALDSelect.' This is a digital employee car benefit scheme that offers employees an alternative to the company car, enabling the driver to lease a vehicle privately therefore it's not classed as a benefit - meaning less tax and more choice.

Other leasing companies are also coming up with alternative strategies to grow - Zenith are launching ZenAuto which is a PCH offering direct to the consumers and Lex Autolease have introduced a Personal Contract Leasing product too. 

So is this the end of the company car as we know it with alternative products coming to market?