A very interesting and current topic, and one that I watch over with interest. Not just because we recruit for a wide variety of food and drink companies, most of whom have really upped their game in CSR & sustainability, but also because more and more of my friends are turning to this way of life too.

FMCG businesses are innovating more in this space and the grocery retailers are responding. We now have plastic free fruit and veg aisles being rolled out, and brands such as Flora and Elmlea are now entirely plant-based and vegan friendly brands. The world is changing, and in my opinion for the better!

However, the vegan lifestyle can be an expensive one! So the question is, whilst we might be ready to adopt sustainable living, can we afford it? Many products are still priced at a premium to account for the smaller consumer uptake and costs attributed to their production. However in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation. As the country and consumers adapt and this becomes more mass market, will we see prices drop? And more importantly, would this encourage you to adopt a plant-based diet?