We all love to hear stories about workplace fails. Idiot employees who manage to get sacked for a range of misdemeanors. They might be caught on TV attending a sports event when they've called in sick. They might post inappropriate videos or photos on their social media accounts, somehow labouring under the impression that no one will notice / mention it. And, in the cases highlighted by Executive Grapevine in the article below, they manage to end up in situations where they are found out for their sins through combinations of extreme stupidity and a little bit of old fashioned bad luck.

We all need to vent sometimes about work, perhaps pull a sickie when we've run out of holiday (clearly I'm not talking from personal experience here ;-)) or perhaps had a heavy weekend that has been somehow documented on our Facebook accounts via friends tagging us (again, def no personal experience to draw on...). But hopefully the majority of us (you) are smart enough to pull it off with aplomb rather than finding yourself in a stickier situation than a fly on flypaper.

And for employers who find themselves with an employee behaving badly? How do you deal with situations where you catch an employee in an outright lie or even sending you death threats online? Can such employees be trusted again in the future or are you best cutting your losses and finding a more trustworthy/less unhinged replacement?

So what's your workplace fail? Perhaps you've managed to fast talk your way out of a potentially job threatening situation caused by your own stupidity. Whatever it is, I'd love to hear it - this stuff brightens up my Mondays!