Mobility is the sexy new buzz word in the automotive industry, but don't worry this isn't another post about trends, data, or new and up and coming ideas that you can't use yet. This is about something you can use right now! 

When you're out and about in London, most of us would rather get an Uber or a black cab than enter the public transport battlefield. But taxis are more expensive and public transport is cheap, so what's the answer to stop us spending our hard-earned cash?


ViaVan is a shared "taxi" ride, much like an Uber pool, but cheaper! It's like a bus, but it arrives when you want it to, you always get a seat and it's around 20% cheaper than an Uber. I haven't tried it yet but I've downloaded the app and I'm ready to go the next time I'm in London. Watch this space for my review! 

The article below also talks about where ViaVan have come from and the fantastic journey Jessica Oppetit has been on since joining the business, and how they got to where they are today. 

I highly recommend giving this a read!