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Are we reaaally going to be giving way?

By Olly Woodall

There have only been a handful of changes to the Highway Code over the years and, following the much hyped revisions, are these new changes really going to be enforceable? Apparently drivers could face £1000's in fines for not complying or knowing the new laws. But I wanted to express my thoughts on how feasible they are going to be to enforce day to day.

Are these changes, like the "middle lane hogger" on the motorway which changed a few years back actually going to be acted upon? 

Now, in my time, I have been known (sorry not sorry) for a few F and Jeffs towards cyclists and pedestrians all of which I believe were fully justified as some out there do like to take a risk or two! I am all up for making the roads safer for all users but I can't help but think this is going to cause a lot of claims to insurance companies and the drivers being held accountable where perhaps the other road users were more at fault. 

Arguably the roads have never been safer with the technology built into automobiles for #ADAS (Advanced Driver Awareness Systems) but also for technology used across the country or being developed for local authorities for cyclists, pedestrians and other users of transport on the roads. Active Travel Schemes have been in motion for some time now, with sensors and cameras capturing data and providing in-depth reports in real time on how to improve safety for all. Companies like Vivacity Labs have rolled out this type of product for Local Authorities like Oxfordshire County Council, and Cambridge County Council amongst others. 

Take a read of the article below to get a flavour of the changes which have been introduced but I believe that common sense should prevail when it comes to the pedestrian changes to crossing roads due to the nature of variables of junctions e.g. driving conditions for the driver to see and spot whilst driving, such as sharp/blind corners, sunlight, unlit streets - the list could go on. Cyclists in the road and visible in the middle of the road I can understand as it is safer, even to a point letting them cross first when waiting to turn (although I can see more accidents for automobiles because of it).

Let's wait and see but technology should prevail along with COMMON SENSE! 

More than half of drivers could be at risk of £1,000 fine

Read the original article here
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