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Are workplace EV chargers the answer to recruitment & retention?

By Olly Woodall

Having spent just over 3 years with PIE, I have built my knowledge, market and focus around the "new era" of automotive. Whether that is in Mobility (whatever this means - as it's used in many different ways across automotive businesses), Smart Cities and EV Charging and Battery storage. 

Having worked with a number of our partners in these markets and most recently with MER UK, it's got me thinking about the lack of chargers at offices. Having read the article below, I did a little bit of additional digging as well.

52% of EV drivers do not have access to charge their vehicle at the office. 

82% of these drivers would like to have access to charging at work.

Getting into the numbers here, 75% of commutes are 5-10 miles and 20% were between 5-10 miles. Does this warrant a business need to install one or multiple chargers? This then opens some further questions.

Has the EV been offered by the business as a company car? Is it mandated to come to the office or do they offer a home based charger (where possible due to on street/off street parking practicalities)? Is driving an EV just a personal choice to be eco friendly? Should an employer subsidise such choices through the provision of onsite charging points?

It's a really interesting topic as there can be a multitude of reasons for the driver to want this - but most notably in the current climate, the overarching reason is cost. Free chargers are almost a thing of the past with recent news that free charging at Tesco's is now OVER! 

Being in Automotive recruitment - even the short time I have - who would have thought that candidates would be turning down jobs due to lack of provision of EV chargers at work or home? I would have thought ARE YOU CRAZY? But this is becoming the norm and something I am on board with (hint, hint, wink, wink!!) 

I believe from a business point of view, workplace chargers could be the key to drive (sorry bad pun) staff back to the office as a great perk, as well as increase retention of staff and, as the article below points out, could also as act as a revenue booster for the business. Utilising the chargers out of hours and weekends (if in a prime location) to the general public could really be a game changer for some SMEs and some larger businesses as they could be used to off set the "free" charging for staff or reduce energy bills for the business whilst also surely becoming a necessity and part of our every day. 

Education will be a big factor in this with business owners not knowing or understanding what is available to them. The Workplace Charging Scheme is able to offer support of 40 connections over multiple sites for a business, with a max £350 per charger (total £14,000 if all 40 connections needed). In addition to this the OLEZ scheme offers businesses with fewer than 249 staff funding of £15,000 to complete grand works and installation of chargers (can be used on the same site as the work place charger scheme but for different use and chargers).

Let me know if you think or feel this would either influence yourself in a move to or away from a business. Or if you feel this would be a benefit in your recruitment strategy? In my eyes it's YES, YES, YES! 

More than half of workplaces ‘yet to offer’ EV charging

Read the original article here
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