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Customer Success on the rise...

By Jake Robinson

Recently a client of mine sent me the article 'LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2023'. 

How I missed this article is beyond me, since I spend the entirety of my day using LinkedIn.

Possibly it was lost among the 'I was up at 4:13am changing the world of work, you should too selfies' and 'I was late for my interview and took the interview on the bus now I am the CEO of Google' posts that seem to get millions of re shares and likes...maybe I need a LinkedIn connection cleanse. 

In the article, the top 10 jobs on the rise were heavily focused in the tech sector, particularly in the B2B SaaS industry, with jobs in Customer Success taking the lead.

So far this year, the majority of roles I've been working on are predominately sales-focused - principally Account Executives and SDR's in the B2B SaaS sector. I think that boils down to the fact that I'm working with some exciting early stage businesses who are going to market or need to ramp up on ARR. 

However, with that will come the need for Customer Success, since once the client is onboard and the deal is sealed, Customer Success will be the engine keeping that ARR pumping. Without them, businesses will get high levels of churn and far less renewals.

(Before you start, renewals is obviously 50/50 if CS cover it. However, that's another article for another day.)

Without the consultative approach and nurturing touch Customer Success brings to your business, you are honestly no more than a slap dash. It comes across that your company is more about the sale than the retention and has a lack of focus on your customer's priorities - i.e. making sure your product is revolutionising their business (which was no doubt mentioned in the sales pitch!)

I've spoken to large numbers of CS professionals in the last few months and they all seem to have one consistent gripe.

'The business doesn't care about Customer Success'.

It boggles the mind there are senior leaders out with that attitude. Retention is key in the competitive landscape of the B2B SaaS industry, and given the current trends in SaaS Recruitment, it doesn't surprise me that Customer Success roles are the most in demand this year.

Since retention is key to growth, Customer Success has never been more important in keeping customers in a disruptive economic climate. 

Since this climate is going to affect you bringing on new clients, then the clients you already have are key to keeping your business alive. Which is the happy place your CS team sits in - keeping them engaged, happy and not letting them go anywhere.

I'm really not surprised its number one and I'm glad it is. I have a real sweet spot for CS and to all you Customer Success guys and dolls out there, keep on doing what your doing since you've won this Senior Consultants heart.

Now if you don't mind, I'm off for a 75 mile run in an arctic snow storm whilst working a 25 hour day and arranging my 756th interview. Look out for the selfie.


From the rise of salary transparency to the growing demand for flexible work, the employment landscape has undergone a wave of changes in recent years. Throw in a murky economic outlook, and many professionals are left wondering what their next career move should be.

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