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Quitting your job in style!

By Sarah Wixon

Prompted by the header image that a colleague saw on Instagram today, we thought it might be funny to take a look at some entertaining ways in which people have quit their jobs. We all know there's a right way and a wrong way to do it...but sometimes when people have been pushed to their limits, they come up with surprisingly creative ways of getting the message across to their managers.

A quick flick around Google found the article below, compiled by Bored Panda a few years ago, with an astonishing 89 different ways that people found to quit their jobs with style. From message inscribed cakes to road signs, to notices on shop windows and some very innovative drawings and designs, there's a big range for your entertainment! Some are clearly a little 'bitter' about their employment experiences...some are downright angry...and others, well, have a read for yourself. 

Now we're obviously not condoning taking such drastic action when initiating the resignation process. a nicely worded letter and a meeting with your manager(s) will usually suffice (especially if you want the benefit of a reference further down the line). But there is definitely some attraction in doing things a little differently...who's up for a dare?

PS: #32 is a personal favourite 🤣

Forget about leaving on good terms, politely handing in your two weeks notice and not burning bridges. Burn them down, baby! Down to the floor!

Read the original article here
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