The technology available in the majority of 'modern' cars is extensive, however some of the most recent technological advancements in connectivity remain somewhat of a mystery for a large number of drivers.

I don’t believe this is an ‘age’ related issue, in terms of understanding the technology, although I’m sure that also has its challenges. I think this is more of a ‘work in progress’ mind shift when it comes to the industry educating the end user.

The increased amount of technology means the dealership environment is having to evolve to allow not only for the additional time sales teams will need to educate buyers on how to use this connectivity, but also to recruit more tech savvy staff and provide more in-depth technology training.

It is not only the retail channel that is rapidly evolving, the fleet sector is having to adapt to the way in which this technology is bringing about new/changing revenue streams for the automotive industry but also bringing about a change in which companies operating in the fleet market interact with their customers and end users (drivers). The consumer element of the corporate fleet market is becoming an ever increasingly important focal point for OEM's, Leaseco's and Corporate owned fleets. 

This in itself is creating an ever growing demand from forward thinking automotive employers searching for senior level candidates from within the manufacturing/tech retail world who understand the complex consumer market.